Innocent pile of rocks, or ancient alien base?!

Right off the coast of Japan’s most western island there lies, buried beneath the ocean, incontrovertible evidence that aliens once lived among us. You might not have heard of this incredible proof, but they don’t want you to know, trust me.

In 1987, a diver made a startling discovery off of the coast of Yonaguni: some rocks that are kind of square. They even looked like pyramids, in that they are three-dimensional. This groundbreaking discovery has raised important, far-reaching questions that affect all of humanity.
What would have caused these rocks to have such angular shapes? People (such as ancient astronaut theorists) argue that the formations at Yonaguni have too many right angles (an angle that never appears in nature) to have been naturally made. If these rocks at the Yonaguni monument weren’t formed by nature, then who made them?
These rock formations at the Yonaguni monument are too old to have been made by humans; early man just didn’t have the technology available. You know who did? Motherloving aliens.
It might sound a little outlandish to some people, but the alien theory has a lot of weight behind it. Experts like sports communication and information major Giorgio Tsoukalos have lent this theory their credibility. Need I say more?

The Evidence

If expert testimony doesn’t sway you, then maybe you should take a look at some of the cold, hard evidence that proves that the Yonaguni monument was made by aliens.
Highly reputable site where I found information on the Yonaguni monument
First of all it’s located in the Devil’s Sea, an area south of Japan that’s hailed as the Bermuda Triangle of the East. I mean, as far as I can tell, only Western dudes call it that or write about it, but it’s still possibly an area of great danger and supernatural activity. Beware!
Secondly as I wrote about earlier, a fisherman’s tale from hundreds of years ago talks about an incident when a ship washed up on the Japanese shore with a woman in it holding a box. If that doesn’t convince you that advanced alien creatures have visited us from light years away, then I don’t know what else to say.

Left: Ancient doguu; Right: Comic book villain Black Manta. Indisputable proof of Aquaman?!

Finally, take ancient Japanese clay figures, or doguu (土偶) from the late Jomonperiod of Japanese history (14,000-400 BC). Nobody really knows what they were for or who made them, but they look like they might be wearing diving suits or space suits or something. Do I have to spell it out for you?
Wake up! The evidence is all around you!
The Skeptics
Of course, there are people in “mainstream archeology” who are skeptical of the alien theory, but what do they have to stand on?
OK, some “geologists” think that these formations are probably “natural,” I’ll give you that. And yes, it’s true that the Japanese government hasn’t recognized the Yaniguni monument as a place of any natural or cultural significance, but who are they kidding?

Something at Yonaguni that apparently looks like a face to some people. Ancient astronaut theorists have shown us that aliens might have probably made this series of oddly shaped rocks, including that one that looks like a human face if you squint underwater while drunk.

It’s got two holes in it! Like eyes! What more do you need?!
You know what? I’ve said too much already. They are out there and don’t want you to know the truth. I’ve laid out the facts for you, do with them what you will.


Автор: Teymur Kasamanli Рубрика: ENGLISH