EMe and a friend of mine were in the woods on the south side of Binghamton, NY. we were on a walking trail just off of a main road. the area is fairly populated. we were just hiking at night for something to do. well, on the way back to the car when we reached a spot in the trail that always had given me the creeps for no particular reason. (maybe 75 yards from where the car was parked).  We had both stopped in this spot. so being the jokester I am, I turned off the flashlight for maybe 1 minute at most, it was probably closer to 30-40 seconds. Well when I turned around to look behind me, I was encountered by a tall green glowing human like figure. And it was right there in my face. It could not have been standing any more that 6 inches away from me. I was staring nose to nose with this thing. I could not distinguish any facial features but it had the outline of a human, I could see legs arms and a head. It was glowing so bright it looked like just the outline of a person. No sound, no movement, just standing there over my shoulder. My friend who was standing right next to me saw the same exact thing. We were not on anything, we had not been drinking. So in pure terror we took off running as fast as we could down the trail to the car. I don’t remember ever looking back to see if it was still there.  As we were driving away a felt like a burst of energy go through me. My friend did not feel this too.  I was immediately overcome by the worst headache I have ever had. Out of pain, I put my hand on my head, to feel that my forehead seemed to be protruding , like a golf ball sized bulge. My friend could see it at first glance, and drove me directly to the hospital. By the time we arrived there 5 minutes after the incident, the bulge in my head was gone and the headache had subsided. So I decided not to go in to the ER due to fear of being locked up in a mental institution.  This occurred in 2002. Just a few days ago, I ran into my friend after over a decade later. He told me he was there the following summer, (summer of 2013)and had witnessed the same thing in almost the same location. To this day I have no idea what we saw but I have never been so scared in my life.

Автор: Teymur Kasamanli Рубрика: UFO NEWS