I have been very interested in Mars for many years. When the face on Mars first appeared in the News Media, it was impossible to ignore. In 1976, when the Viking Orbiter surveyed the Cydonia region of Mars, they were amazed at the find. This discovery sparked an interest throughout the world and many new discoveries were made by amateurs willing to study the hi-definition photos released by many countries. Much has been hidden by NASA because the truth would probably throw the world into turmoil. I even have my doubts that we landed a person on the moon. We may have landed a craft for photos and research but no astronauts. Too much evidence says we never landed a man on the moon. The Moon and Mars was inhabited thousands of years ago because there is much evidence to prove this.

The United States stopped its space program to the Moon in 1972. Theories have said that we were warned to stay away from the Moon by aliens. This could be possible and the Dark side of the Moon may hold all of the answers. Could our goverment be trying to milk us for more money to explore and land a man on Mars. I think they are. The tax paying citizens are paying for these adventures into space at the tune of billions of dollars. Do we have any proof that they are using our money for what they say they are using it for ? I am a big fan of Google Earth. It is a great download and now you can explore the World from your easy chair. When they added the Moon and Mars portion, it was perfect. Of course there are some blurry images but the high definition images are incredible. It takes much patience to view the photo images but its pays off when you find something that is man made or alien made on the surface of Mars.
My most recent discovery was made on 11-23-11 at 7.49 pm. The Newton Crater area reminds me of a crash site. Strange things scattered all over the large area. The location is at the bottom of the Google image. I have included it just in case you cannot read it. 41 degrees 15’35.10 S –157 degrees 55.29.74 W . I have included the images on my web site World UFO Photos. Please check out the Moon and Mars gallery.


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