Think-that the following be considered in regard to the latter event, the event would-be to accept for some reason does not much mind. Which is superior to the amazing world of these creatures came to us in terms of technology, «we’re earthlings hello, how are you?» Would not it be a bit strange to say the least?

Technologically, probably can not get our minds how we communicate in a dimension of living creatures? We are examining the events, it might be to examine the secular or religious elements, according to the senses shape our perceptions. For example, when all religions description of heaven flowing rivers of honey, grasping the fruit, great women mentioned. Depictions of Hell and eternal suffering is expressed in extinctions in the fire. To embrace the concepts of sensory organs Religions plenty of people use them.

So those of us life, the world, the universe, our senses perceive. We have not seen, not heard something so it is very difficult to believe.
The number of people forced to believe in UFOs, so our senses can not perceive a substantial level. They are objects in the sky and sees a kind anlamlandıramadıkları to deny it, why do not they contact us?, Resorting to the discourse.
But a lot of people do not know that UFOs are visiting the world have established communication. And still continue to communicate. And who were these people? Count.
Sid Meier’s UFO Science ilgilenipte do not recognize. Sid Meier’s Swiss peasant communicate a lot of information brought with them their extra-terrestrial beings.
Antonio Urzi, ufo congress held at the hotel in June, wow, UFOs explained in detail why they followed him.
Mexican photographer named Carlos Diaz has contact with alien life forms in the 90s by chance still of great importance.
Here you can mention dozens of people who contact extraterrestrial life. Contact traversed sub-consciousness, people often recall these events, their experiences are not able to describe the human sense organs. But Meier and stated that a lot of people remembered their experiences directly. Also stated that moving to telepathically communicate creatures from the world. Or what kind of extra-terrestrial life forms in a language geçebilerdi contact? States could not speak English, of course.
Events to deny the very simple case. Instead of looking at where and how they have seen UFOs in the world, such bullshit, okay? they lie! ridiculous! «I think the easiest to produce such words. Mayans, Incas, Egyptians, Sumerians, inscriptions, why they are drawn illustrations and kept flying objects? Cause talked about extraterrestrial life? Roswell in 1949, caused by falling witnesses UFO extraterrestrial life forms, then They said they saw?, Bob Lazar telling the events to the region after a certain period 51 to questionable why was he killed? Mexico, Brazil, witnessed by thousands of people in the case of fleets and the camera could not be given a meaning why the bodies? Istanbul Kumburgaz seen UFOs living in UFOs could not be denied and why? like asking hundreds of questions to proceed.
We would like in us, extraterrestrial beings UFOs come, kızılmeydan’a, the White House, park, go hide, yeah, we’re here, we’re here, no matter. But the more we see that they can not wait for denying UFOs. We do not know the people, are forced to perceive with our senses afraid of anything. We expect he will give us harm, and so we go right to defend. The simplest example is perhaps no harm will not be scared to just brutally kill an insect. Are you saying that I did not? Extraterrestrial creatures they know it very well, make sure that. Duylarımızla are forced to perceive situations, taking a moment to defend ourselves dönüştüğümüzü ruthless individuals, they know us well. But of course this does not mean that all will walk out. We ourselves first and then smoothed our evolution that harm other creatures mercilessly when they comfortably will occur.
Who stated that the year 2012 should not forget tanışacağımızı extraterrestrial life. Of the United States, that the Russians had established many years ago with every other living thing in the universe that we know from the documents and witnesses now. It is necessary to have communication with the whole world pressures should be established. To create a common awareness of UFOs and extraterrestrial life on behalf of the must reduce the number of those who deny the existence of. Documents to convince them of this fact.
Finally, the non-living world by tanışmamıza scientific circles had very little time. This process takes place before the events take place in the world to live in inconceivable necessary to wait I think about shocks. Consider the outcomes of extraterrestrial beings, their religion, gods, languages, cultures, explained. What happens in our world if you think about These örtüşmezse? I mean, why do not they occur, let’s go back discourse. A simple statement, but extraterrestrial intelligent life forms on behalf of the aforementioned concepts to understand why they did not want to come out at a time is also very important. We can handle such a shock? Kavramlarımız or change the worldly and the spiritual? All these fears would lead to chaos. Therefore, in the next 3 years yaşayağız incredible events. We all need to be prepared …

Автор: Teymur Kasamanli Рубрика: ENGLISH