UFOs traditional geometric patterns observed in our world is a very different aircraft. Here are some of the most frequently reported forms of UFOs:• Domed Disks and Disks: These are objects called flying saucer. These windows, landing gear, wheels, doors, structural features.

• Cone: There are many varieties of cone-shaped UFOs. Some inverted cone form. Also observed in the form of two cones joined base to UFOs.
• Spherical: circular and spherical observation report many of the features UFOlara. Many of these observations of night. At the same time UFOs observed in the form of a half-sphere.
• Boomerang: Boomerang-shaped UFOs in the 1980s began to observe. This UFOs usually has an asymmetrical shape; low and slowly spring. Some of them are about the size of three football fields.
• Cigar: between 1940-1960 in the form of cigars, though, occasionally gözlemlenmekteydi large UFOs. They are sometimes also çıkarmaktaydılar them disc-shaped objects. Observed in 1949, about a mile-long cigar-shaped UFO maze audience. Today, cigar-shaped UFOlara a rare occurrence.
Cigar-shaped UFO photographed Cumberland July 8th 1967, the United States
• Cylinder: They look like cylinders and ufaktırlar than cigar-shaped UFOlara.
Halter: Halter eliminated in the form of a bar attached to the two-sphere consists of UFOs.
• Pyramid: Flying, bodies in the form of the pyramid.
• Rectangle: Some UFOs are similar to a rectangle of the same shape.
— Triangles: since 1989 a UFO in the form of frequent recently. Triangle UFO disc-shaped UFO observations exceeds the number of observations.
Triangle UFO seen for the first time in Belgium, 1989
January 25, 1997 in Pine Bush, United States
• Saturne: a large sphere and are composed of a ring surrounding it.
Unidentified flying objects (U S O ‘s)
Most people have heard something about UFOs are visiting our planet. So mysterious objects in the sky are seen only? As we know, a large part of the world under water, and the evidence for UFOs on our planet is a lot of ground waters show that go unseen. UFO Unidentified Floating Objects-Under The Sea travel edenlerine USO provide the name of the. Many of us did not know it, this mysterious undersea observation report a lot about the tools available.
Bimini, especially in the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious unidentified floating objects and mysterious submarine lights are often observed in the region. Investigate mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle zoologist, archeologist and oşenograf Dr. Manson Valentine, Bermuda ‘refers to the observations of the USO in: «It’s been done anywhere else in the region are much more observation. More recently, in the area, aircraft are not detected not detected submarine aircraft and submarine observations were made concerning the means of many. «
Observations USO history dates back to the late 1800s. In the mid 1800s began to appear with frequency USO’lar, 1845’teTürkiye’de Antalya off, off Mexico in 1875, 1879-In 1890, the Persian Gulf, the Sea of 1891, China emerged.
20. century, with increasing reports of UFO observations, observations of objects in the mysterious seas has increased.
June 30th 1967, a group of people with an Argentine ship, the Naviero’da, cylinder-shaped object floating in the sea realized. Approximately 33 feet in length, body raging with blue-white light. Although bear in no sound and fast track the object wave in the water maze does not create observers. People are watching this mysterious sea vehicle, the vehicle suddenly turned towards Naviero’ya route, quickened and ship collision near miss diving into the water and disappeared.
1972 in August, September and October, during the Caribbean Sea islands intensive observations of UFO and USO have been reported. These observations are concentrated in again in 1974, an underwater UFO base off Venezuela us to suggest that there is.
July 26, 1980, the Brazilian ship «Caioba-Seahorse» la traveling sailors, floating in the water about 10 meters in diameter, round, saw a gray body. At that time, towards the horizon, a bright light appeared and began to approach the ship. Light gray body right next to the ship approached the ship suddenly broke down all the technical equipment. Gray body green, red, blue and yellow lights illuminated. Approaches very bright, disc-shaped object that turned out to be light, metallic dip in the sea under the USO to the right was headed and merged with it. Later, these two bodies surfaced in the outputs, they stopped here for a while, and then disappeared rapidly rising into the sky.
What Is USO’lar only seen the ocean? No, rivers, lakes and even many reports that are observed in these mysterious objects. April 30 1976, an unidentified object, Siljan in Sweden frozen water on the river, the ice was breaking with great force. Although the ice thickness of 20 cm, witnesses reported that the body length of only 9 meters. These USO, have come from the bottom of the water, frozen to the surface an average of 100 km / h on ice, rapidly approaching the ice broke and about 800 meters long and 4 meters wide and has a channel.


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