Little Green Men

 2.Dropa Alien

Throughout history, there have been numerous reports and sightings of Extraterrestrial life, dating from ancient prehistoric times to modern ages. But are they real? Are they coming? Or are they already among us?

If so, it would make sense to know about the various species of extraterrestrials first to prepare beforehand, wouldn’t it?
Little Green Men is the stereotypical portrayal of extraterrestrials as little humanoid-like creatures with green skin and or antennae on their heads. The term is also sometimes used to describe gremlins, mythical creatures known for causing problems in airplanes and mechanical devices. They were the most common type of extraterrestrials encountered.

This term came into popular usage in 1955, where two rural Kentucky men described a supposed encounter with 3-4 foot (1 m) tall greenish, somewhat humanoid-looking aliens. Many newspaper articles then used the term little green men in writing up the story.
However, since, they have been replaced by the Grey aliens as the most common type of encounters. Little Green Men have since fallen out of general use in serious science fiction circles and are typically only used by the uninformed or to ridicule the notion that aliens may exist

3. Andromedan Alien

According to Chi Pu Tei, professor of archeology at Beijing University, in 1938 he and his students were on an expedition to explore a series of caves in the Bayan Kara Ula range of the Himalayan mountains, near Qinghai region.

The explorers are said to have found many neat rows of tombs with short 138 cm skeletons buried within. The skeletons had abnormally big heads, and small, thin, fragile bodies. A member of the team suggested that these might be the remains of an unknown species of mountain gorilla.
There were no epitaphs at the graves, but instead hundreds of 30 cm wide stone discs – referred to as Dropa Stones. Each stone disk was said to be inscribed with two fine grooves spiraling from the edge to a hole in the disk’s center, resembling the Phaistos Disk. The disks were labeled along with other finds of the expedition and stored away at Beijing University for 20 years, during which deciphering attempts were unsuccessful.

The Andromedans are the name given to what are said to be a group of “ascended” extraterrestrials or “space aliens” from the Andromeda Galaxy (2 million light years away from Earth).

They are traditionally depicted as a lifeform of pure energy – an energy being. Rather than being literally composed of energy in the physical sense, energy beings are typically rendered as being composed of a translucent glowing fluid, somewhat in common with the representations of ghosts.
Andromedans have been described as being “very beautiful,” and as well, lithely built and very thin. Contactee testimony also further describes this race as, “so spiritually evolved that they no longer require a physical body. They are almost beings of light energy. They are illuminated in light. They are very tall and stand eight to ten feet in height. In mythology, they were referred to as the Winged gods.”
It is also said in some literary circles that Andromedans are peaceful and have been helping out Earth’s inhabitants for many generations.

Energy Being

4.Hairy Dwarf
Hairy dwarfs are a variety of hairy humanoid that is shorter than the average human. Unlike the more normal types of hairy humanoid such as Bigfoot, hairy dwarfs are technologically adept. In reported sightings, hairy dwarfs often wear clothing, use tools, and can even speak.
In fact, they are often associated with UFOs. In the early days of the UFO craze, witnesses often reported that the aliens were hairy dwarfs instead of the classic “grays” that seem to be most popular today. In time, hairy dwarf reports became much less common. Hairy dwarfs are hardly ever reported today.
Because of their association with UFOs and high technology, hairy dwarfs are generally kept separate from another miniature Bigfoot-type creature, the proto-pygmy, a creature that has behaviors more typical of a mystery primate or primitive human. Sometimes hairy dwarfs are linked with reports of larger hairy humanoids that are either reported as occupying UFOs or are seen in the same areas as UFOs and only when a current UFO scare is underway. Some of these larger hairy humanoids are quite bizarre, including even such things as werewolves.
Hairy dwarfs are rarely investigated by researchers working in the field of cryptozoology. They sound pretty silly, for one thing. Also, they seem to be part of a different field of rogue science, ufology. Most cryptozoologists would rather let the ufologists take care of hairy dwarfs.

Hairy Dwarf

5. Hopkinsville goblin
The Hopkinsville goblin was described by witnesses in 1955 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky as creatures which looked similar to Gremlins or Goblins. They were said to be around 3 feet tall, with upright ears and thin limbs with claws. They were silver in color (or wearing a metallic costume) and they were able to “walk as if they were floating above ground”
These witnesses claimed to have shot at these creatures with firearms, with no effect. The local law enforcement arrived to investigate and found no signs of the creatures, but extensive damage to the houses’ surroundings and grounds. All the witnesses (around a dozen of them) stuck to the same story even many years later.
Many experts who conducted investigations believe that an incident really did occur in Hopkinsville, and no sign of a hoax was ever proven. These events were regarded seriously by the US government (as the witnesses included policemen and state troopers. The US Air Force even conducted its own investigations.The Hopkinsville Goblins Case remains one of the most well-known and well-documented cases in the history of UFO incidents, and a favorite for study in ufology.

Hopkinsville goblin

6. Flatwoods monster
The more common description of the Flatwoods monster depicts it as at least 10 feet tall with a glowing red face and green body. The head is shaped like a “heart or Ace of Spades” and the body was clad in something looking like a skirt. Some accounts record that the creature had no visible arms, while others describe it as having short, stubby arms; ending in long, claw-like fingers, which protruded from the front of its body.
The first sighting occurred in Flatwoods, West Virginia in 1952. A group of kids witnessed a bright object in the sky. They went back to get the mother of one of the kids and together with other local children (including a National Guardsman), they set out to investigate.
When they arrived at the location (a hill), they reported seeing a large pulsating “ball of fire” and underneath a tree, the Flatwoods monster. It hissed and charged at them, and the group fled in panic. Later on, some of the witnesses became stricken with sickness.
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) investigated this case 48 years later, and concluded that the likely source for the object spotted in the sky was a meteor. Furthermore, based on descriptions of the creature, it was likely to have been a barn owl, which face shape closely resembles that of the creature.

Flatwoods monster

7. Reptilians
Alien abduction narratives sometimes allege contact with reptilian creatures. One of the earliest reports was that of Ashland, Nebraska police officer Herbert Schirmer, who claims to have been taken aboard a UFO in 1967 by humanoid beings with a slightly reptilian appearance, who bore a “winged serpent” emblem on the left side of their chests.
So what are these creatures? The general description is that they are humanoid aliens who have a reptilian appearance, similar to a lizard or snake. Writer David Icke alleges that these aliens are from the Alpha Draconis star system, hiding in underground bases in Hollow Earth. He also claims that the reptilians are plotting to take over the world through manipulation and generation of fear and negative emotion. However, not many people take his theories seriously.

8. Sirians
The Dogon tribe resides in Mali, West Africa. They have been researched and visited extensively by experts. The general consensus is that the Dogon people somehow acquired and possess extensive knowledge of astronomy and technology. It was said in 1946, that they knew about Sirius B, the companion binary star to Sirius A (the brightest star in the observable sky) and its orbital period. However, Sirius B was a white dwarf, invisible to the naked eye and the Dogon simply did not have the technology to observe it. These people were also said to know about rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter.
Bear in mind the Dogon were a primitive tribe of hunters and gatherers, so how did they know? It was said that the ancestors of the Dogon people were visited by aliens from Sirius. These aliens passed on their knowledge to the humans. These knowledge was then passed down from generation to generation.
However, skeptics have concurred that the Dogon probably acquired the astronomical knowledge from modern sources and incorporated them into their folklore and legends. It was entirely possible that modern day French explorers had visited them and told them of the knowledge, maybe around the year 1893.


9. Nordic Aliens
This is an interesting depiction of extraterrestrials. In this case, the aliens are said to behave and look entirely similar to humans and are extremely good looking. They closely resemble Nordic Scandinavians with white pale skin, blue eyes, blond hair and around 6 to 8 feet tall.
One example of an encounters was from George Adamski. He was one of the first contactees to report a description of a blonde-haired UFO occupant. On 20th November 1952, he reportedly met and spoke with a being from Venus called Orthon, after seeing a UFO in Arizona.
Adamski said Orthon communicated with him via telepathy and through hand signals and warned him of the dangers of nuclear war and to have arranged for Adamski to be taken on a trip to see the solar system including the planet Venus.
This was the traditional cultural depiction of these aliens. They were peaceful, serene and often spread messages of peace and condemning violence. They warned of the dangers of what eventually might happen to Earth if humans continued their atomic weapons research and war-faring ways. Encounters or “abductions” by them usually resulted in a peaceful meeting and communication, rather than the witnesses being subject to painful experiments.
There is also a theory that these aliens are the actual depiction of the hypothetical Aryan race of people, a race of people with superior attributes and genes (unfortunately pursued to extreme ends by the Nazis during World War II).

Nordic Aliens

10. Greys
The Greys are the most common subject of all UFO, Extraterrestrial, Alien Abduction theories and events. They are a popular sight in the mass media too, appearing in movies, TV shows and video games. In fact, Grey Aliens are now often described as the true species of extraterrestrials. They have sinister motivations (either to colonize Earth or create Alien/Human hybrids to repopulate their world. Greys are also said to have abducted the most number of humans.
They are humanoid in appearance, with big bald heads, small bodies and limbs. They are commonly not clothed and barefoot. The distinguishing aspect of their appearance is their big dark opaque eyes (with no irises) and dark grey skin, with no visible ears, nostrils or hair.
In 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, several witnesses claimed to have seen a crash involving a flying saucer and that several dead bodies which appeared to be Grey Aliens were taken by the US Military. These individuals claimed that the corpses had over-sized heads and slanted eyes.
In 1961, a couple, Betty and Barney Hill were supposedly abducted by Greys and taken to their UFO. Aboard the ship, Betty Hill was given a tour by the aliens (who communicated telepathically) and was shown a star chart which was said to be the home world of the Greys. Later on, Marjorie Fish, a amateur astronomer, realized that the star chart drawn by Betty Hill was in fact, the Zeta Reticuli star system. Since then, Greys are also sometimes known as Zeta Reticulans.
In 1995, Ray Santilli claim to have possession of a film which depicted the autospy of a Grey alien which was recovered from the 1947 UFO crash site of Roswell. Subsequently, he failed to produce any evidence of the original film, claiming the original was worn beyond recovery and what he had was a reconstruction of the original. Skeptics have quickly dismissed his video as a hoax, pointing out many inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the video.
In one of the best depictions of their dark and sinister nature was in the TV series, The X Files. The main plot of the series was to prove the existence of these Grey Aliens and their plot to colonize and take over Earth in 2012. Greys also appear in Stargate SG-1 in the form of the Asgard, a highly advanced ally of the Stargate Command (SGC). In the TV series Babylon 5, aliens similar to the Greys are known as the Vree, the Streibs and the Zener.
Another aspect of their dark nature is their attempt to create a Grey/Human hybrid. It is said that their home planet has been ravaged and their species are dying out; thus their search across the Universe to find suitable subjects to create a new species to repopulate their own.
In fact, their sinister intentions have also been reported by abductees who were taken by other types of aliens (e.g. the Nordic Aliens). In these encounters, the peaceful aliens warn the abductees about the Greys and their violent nature. Greys have also been linked to New World Order conspiracy theories and End of the World scenarios.
Are they already among us? Or are they still visiting us? We may never know the truth.

Grey Alien
Bonus: Tall Whites

Tall Whites









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